BA of Health Science majoring in Nutritional Medicine + Accredited member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

From a young age Katherine has always maintained a connection with the ocean + earth and is truly fascinated by the way in which both elements can directly affect our health + wellbeing, and in turn our bodies.

Katherine believes that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to health and everyone is extremely different, therefore treatment plans are personalised to the individual.

There are many myths about what is considered 'healthy' and 'diet' trends these days. Katherine will provide you with the latest scientific research about nutritional medicine - a simple, attainable, realistic, non-restrictive approach to health care that does not leave you feeling confused or overwhelmed.  


 Kaptured Nutrition was an idea born from Katherine’s mantra:

“Encompassing holistic health with adventure, nutritional medicine, wellbeing, using food as medicine and mindfulness"


Katherine is dedicated to helping clients improve their health through working with you to achieve your unique health goals; using an Integrated approach to healthcare, including the use of evidence based nutritional medicine.

Katherine uses comprehensive screening and functional pathology tests to scientifically assess your specific requirements and to provide an optimal treatment plan designed to deliver the desired health outcomes. 

Katherine uses state of the art DNA testing for personalised health. Including Gut Microbiome DNA test and DNA Nutritional Profiling Wellness Test. 

With Katherine's breadth of studies she specialises in health conditions including:

  • Female reproductive health
  • Preconception care / post-natal care  
  • Fertility
  • Gastrointestinal complaints (food sensitivities / intolerances / allergies / Irritable bowel syndrome etc.)
  • Mental health
  • Auto immune diseases
  • Body weight and restrictive eating 
  • Skin Health 
  • Plus more...