Katherine offers many services from Byron Bay, Brunswick Heads and surrounding areas. For one-on-one consultations Katherine practices out of Apana Centre (details in ‘contact section’). Katherine offers Skype consultations for patients all over Australia. 

Katherine also offers freelance nutritional work and collaborations, please read the sections below. 


One-On-One Consultation

An initial consultation involves a one hour detailed discussion with the individual about their lifestyle, medical history, any diagnosed medical conditions and a review of any medications or supplements. Inclusive with a full comprehensive diet analysis and evaluation.

A treatment plan will be tailored to suit the individual to target specific health goals, this will  include nutritional medicine prescriptions, diet and lifestyle advice.  

Using state of the art functional pathology testing; including personalised nutrition based on your DNA profile and gut DNA microbiome testing, this allows Katherine to identify your current state of health as well as your predisposition to illness in the future. 

Katherine uses functional screening tests for:

  • Hormonal profiling - female and male (fertility, pre & post conception care)

  • Allergy / Food sensitivities testing

  • Gut microbiome testing

  • Macro & micronutrient deficiencies or excesses

  • Heavy metal toxicity

  • Mineral status

  • Plus many more...

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Group Consultations and Workshops

Offering the same types of services as one-on-one consultations for families or groups up to four.

Group consultations can be a great way to get a few friends together with the same needs and talk to Katherine about certain health conditions, optimal wellbeing or implementing healthy changes and food as medicine principles.

Group consultations / workshops are a great and casual way to talk to Katherine about the forever changing information in the health industry. Katherine implements  her simple, attainable and easy to understand approach to nutrition during these sessions. Please contact Katherine for any enquiries.

Workshops can range from easy recipes ideas, mindfulness / gratitude practices, meal preparation,  cooking classes, eating for different health conditions / using food as medicine principles, learning about the differences of supplements, implementing nutrition that is cost effective and manageable, or any other ideas you may have for Katherine. Nothing is taboo for workshop sessions.  


Collaborations and Nutrition Work

Katherine loves working with allied health professionals or with like-minded people and brands  who want to share their knowledge with as many people as possible. Katherine has been involved in a number of collaborations and freelance nutrition work in Byron Bay and continues to seek opportunities.

Katherine has been featured in many magazines around Byron Bay for her recipes and nutrition advice. Katherine is also affiliated with 'Gutsy' a functional probiotic beverage company and the 'Poor Girls Pantry' based in Byron Bay.  Katherine has written many food / nutritional programs for personal trainers and people alike. 

Whether it be public speaking or talking to groups, running workshops, designing nutritional programs / meal plans, writing blog posts, supporting products Katherine believes in or speaking on podcasts - Get in touch with Katherine, she would love to hear any of your ideas and to start brain-storming.