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5 tips for the Holiday season to feel your best into 2023

As 2022 comes to an end, we want to thank every single one of you for showing up for yourself this year and allowing us to support you in reaching your most vibrant self.

So for the last blog post of 2022, we wanted to touch on the top 5 tips for staying your healthiest over the holiday season (and this does not include any drastic yo-yo dieting approaches or depriving yourself in any way). We’re all about nourishment through the people we surround ourselves with aswell as enjoying our lifestyle, on top of the food we consume interally.

So let’s get into it !

1. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep can be difficult with the late nights and early starts, especially if you have little ones running around. But implementing a couple simple tips to get the most from your slumber can make an incredible difference.

- Avoid blue light after 6pm. This can disrupt our circadian rhythm and melatonin (sleepy hormone) production as it tricks your brain to thinking it’s day time. So enjoy those outdoor dinners and conversations outside while the sun sets!

- Enjoy a herbal tea (caffeine free) before bedtime to help you in drifting to a peaceful sleep.

2. Eat more plants

When enjoying your long lunches and delicious dinners, focus on bulking up your plate with vegetables to get the vitamins, minerals and fibre to assist with energy production, digestion and satiety.

3. Drink more water

Balance out the drinks you enjoy with some water to ensure you’re well hydrated (especially if you’re in the southern hemisphere), because dehydration leads to all things unenjoyable. Add some fresh fruit to make it even more delicious.

4. Enjoy every mouthful

Enjoy the food you’re eating! Nourishment is more than just the foods we’re eating, it’s about enjoying every bite. So dump that guilt out the door – it’s not welcome here!

5. Enjoy the company of loved ones.

Most of all, if you’re lucky enough to be able to spend times with those you love, enjoy it immensely and be present in every moment. We’re also thinking of all those that won’t be surrounded by loved ones this year, our heart is with you.

Bookings for 2023 are now open if you’re thinking in advance about those (sustainable) new years resolutions.

Click here to book in with one of our practitioners.

Again, we want to extend our gratitude for each and every one of you for supporting Kaptured Nutrition become what it is today in whatever way. We would not be able to continue creating this content and serving you one on one without your ongoing support and commitment to yourself to live the healthiest life possible.

See you in 2023 !

Kaptured Nutrition

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