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Happy Gut = Happy (you) mind...

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The all important brain gut connection or as nutritionist nerds like to call it the "gut microbiota, the gut microbiome, intestinal gut microbiome" along with so many other versions.

We have one special nervous system that lies within the intestinal walls that influences our gut microbiome called the enteric nervous system (ENS). This nervous system interacts (via a two-way connection - the vagus nerve, think of a freeway with incoming traffic and outgoing traffic) with our gut bacteria and sends messages to the brain (central nervous system (CNS)) via the vagus nerve to control digestive function. Everything we eat, drink and feel is communicated within the gut and the brain. A constant communication between living bacteria (our gut bugs) and the physiological condition of our gut and all the processes of digestion plus our emotional state.

Thanks to scientific research we now know that anxiety and depression can be caused from our gut microbiota (when the bad bacteria out weights the good bacteria) being out of balance.

I was interviewed by the Gutsy Life team (based in beautiful Byron Bay) about the gut brain connection. Please have a read of the interview and feel free to ask me any questions at the end of my blog and I will answer for you. Im a gut enthusiast and am very passionate about mental health as it is something I personally struggle from time to time. I get excited about gut health because we can do so much with food as medicine and specific nutritional medicine which makes my job highly rewarding and exciting.

Link to my interview with Gutsy:


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