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What health looks like in 2023 with the Kaptured Nutrition team

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Today we’re chatting to the Kaptured Nutrition practitioners about what they’re giving attention to this new year to optimise their health. And you bet there’s no fad diets or BS here.

Katherine, Clinical Nutritionist and founder of Kaptured Nutrition

‘Firstly, I'm only using social media on dedicated work days and only for a specific amount of time. I want to be living life and not doing it through a screen.’

‘Incorporating a form of meditation or hot sauna, reading and journaling to regulate my nervous system.’

‘And having fun. I’m tired and being burnt out and ‘busy’ so I’m following my mantra - Do shit that makes you happy - this includes setting boundaries and cultivating energy.’

Holly, Clinical Nutritionist

'I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant so I am definitely appreciating the small wins like moving up out of bed !'

'Some things I am doing daily to prepare my body for birth include

  • Stretching every morning to move my body, spine & pelvis

  • Getting 30 minutes of sunshine daily

  • Being consistent with supplements each day

  • Meditating every evening to prepare for birth '

Monica, Clinical Naturopath

'These are my daily non-negotiables

  • 2 litres of alkalised water per day

  • Vegetables always - more than one colour

  • Practitioner grade supplements everyday

  • 20 minutes of time to switch off each day. This includes sitting still, not scrolling and processing time. It’s a non negotiable as I enjoy operating from a centred place and not a wound up one.'

This year in particular Monica is implementing

  • Journalling more to set the tone of her nervous system for the new year.

  • Spending more time offline to support dopamine.

'Do shit that makes you happy.'

Katherine Hay

What are you implementing and focusing on in the new year ?

You can book an appointment here if you are after one on one support on your health journey.

Kaptured Nutrition

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